Hello world!

Perhaps not so different from the fickle life of a twentysomething, moving often and much, running around exploring, and eventually settling down somewhere, after multiple blogs, here, and here, and here. I’m ready to put some roots down here (I think).

The plan for this blog is to write about one of my favorite topics: twentysomethingism. (The *other* favorite topic of yoga and meditation will continued to be blogged at Yoga with Nikki Chau.) In addition, I’ll write about entrepreneurship and user experience design, books, music, movies, marketing, technology and something really important: relationships.

I’ll continue to upload pictures to my Flickr and my picture blog (which I know has been sorely neglected.) I’ve got a brand spankin’ new Flip HD camcorder for my birthday (after I dropped these really subtle hints to my bf, like “It would be sooo awesome to have a Flip camcorder”, and “Wow, I could make really cool yoga videos with one of those cool Flip camcorders”). So, expect vblogs (vlogs?) as well as LOLcats.

I kept the “Hello World!” WordPress default title for this post because it takes me back to my very first exercise in Intro to Programming. I wrote it in C. It was a short and brief shining moment when hit the “Compile” button, and then “Run”, and then, “Hello World!” was written across the screen. I still remember the joy of having made something from nothing, of being able to create and communicate.

And so, this blog is just that, a “hello world”, a communication line. I’m not sure who will come by and actually read yet “just another WordPress.com weblog”, but you know, I’m not sure that that matters much to me at this moment. When I go back to my first blog, the pre-livejournal blog, the one that I wrote during my year of living in Europe in pure HTML because no blogging software had existed yet, I find myself laughing, and crying, and laughing again.

Most of all, I’m glad that there’s something that helps me answer: “What is it that I cared about when I was 17? 27?”, “What was I willing to share publicly with strangers?”, “Why did I stay up all night writing that?”. Just like those seemingly inconsequential and silly tweets and Facebook statuses, sometimes they reveal much more about ourselves in the long run than we really think (or want to).

Well, here I go. But first, I got lots of fixin’ to do around here. CSS gods, please be kind as I rearrange the furniture.

Just unpackin' my moving boxes!

Just unpackin’ my moving boxes!