Required Fields Galore!

Oh Gobble Green, I love your mission, and your food is delicious, but your form, not so much.

If all the fields on the form are required, you can simply say, “All fields are required.” No need to add the red asterisk. Also, why is Mr. or Ms. required?

Form Instruction, What’s Your Function?

Despite some effort to resist, I fell for a Living Social deal for 7 days of gluten-free vegan meals, delivered to my doorstep! (It was out of morbid curiosity, alright? Oh… ok, who am I kidding. I do dig the gluten-free vegan stuff. Hold your hippie jokes until the end.)

I went on the website to redeem. Holy mother of all instructions. I had to memorize all of this or open a new window and refer back to this for instruction on each step of the way. Like Mr. Anderson would say, “Whoa”.

Got it?