Two Many Options

Options are awesome. Jake Gyllanhaal or Sam Worthington? Gaspard Ulliel or Takeshi Kaneshiro? E! All of the above, please. (After all, there are seven days in a week.)

Except, sometimes too many options lead to a lot of confusion. To wit: Shuttle Express wants me to choose just one pickup location. But alas, which one? I don’t know, committing to one doesn’t restrict me from all the other choices. It’s like a Congressman’s dream!

Pick up location options, lots of em.

Now if I put in my zip code here… can I still choose another one? Should I be able to?

Never Ask Me Again

Once a week I have to use Internet Explorer for something that pays my bill, so it’s pretty important, but I don’t look forward to it. Every single time, I get this lovely Welcome Screen. There are two options: 1) “Next”, to explore new features in Internet Explorer 8, and 2) “Ask me later”. I choose “Ask me later” because that’s the lesser of two evil. God knows how long “Next” would take, and I just want to get in and get out and be done. Unfortunately, “Ask me later” would inevitably come up again the next week.

Why isn’t there a “Never Ask Me Again” option? Sometimes, that can be the most polite option.

Where's the "Go Away and Never Come Back" option?

Just Kidding about No Thanks

So I’m voting for Seattle’s hottest geek (which, by the way, apparently are all men). Before I can do that, I have to tell Seattle Weekly to please not text or email me. But it ain’t so easy. As you can see in the screen shot, clicking on “No Thanks” doesn’t uncheck any options. It’s a redundant button. If I uncheck everything, by definition, it’s No Thanks. If I check No Thanks, all the other options should uncheck themselves. Grr.

No thanks. No, really. No thanks.