What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

I am booking a flight. It looks like all the Economy tickets are gone, and I need to buy an Economy Plus ticket, or I’m SOL.

The copy on the United site, however, gives me the idea that should I want more space, I can get Economy Plus, but I don’t really have to. Which, of course, is not the case at all.

Also, is it just me, or the image does not inspire confidence? I know what they’re trying to say, you’ll have so much space, but to me, it just looks ridiculous.

Hell is Airline Websites

I’m checking in for my mom. She’s flying to Vietnam through Vancouver BC and Hong Kong. The ticket was bought through Continental.

Step 1: I click on “Check in here” link from confirmation email.

Step 2: Denied! It tells me the flight is operated by another carrier, so go bother them. Alright. But I see the “Flight Check In” button is active, so I don’t know if I should trust the text, and also out of curiosity, I click on it.

Step 3: Ah ha! It says my flight is operated by United! So it knows something about my itinerary. Indeed the second leg is operated by United, can I check in to that? Who knows? But maybe there is hope that I can check in after all? I’ll keep clicking!

Step 4: The flight is scheduled at 1:25pm. As soon as I land on the page, I get a red message scorning me that check-ins only start 24 hours before the flight. That’s okay! It’s the night before, I should be well within that time block. Right? Right? I also see the option beneath to put in my e-ticket number, so I’ll go for it with zeal, though I’m dates and confused (oh come on that was kinda funny).

Step 5: When I click the button to check in, the same page keeps refreshing and tells me I need to come back and check in when it’s within 24 hours. It *is* within 24 hours on my planet. How about yours, United?

Step 6: Dead-end at United/Continental. I try checking in to Air Canada, since that’s the company that operates the first leg of the trip. I put in the info they require. I don’t read the text on the right hand side, but as we will find out, I should have to save me some heart burn.

Step 7: I keep putting in Seattle, or SEA, that’s the code for the airport here. To no avail. The page does not budge. The red message keeps taunting me telling me to enter my departure city. I did! I’m feeling like Wolverine, when he’s mad.

Finally, I decided to put in USA, and ah ha! A list of cities pop up for me to pick. It turns out there are only selected cities I can check in from and Seattle is not one of them. If so, when I put in the correct airport code that’s not on the list, why not tell me so? Why make me second guess the SeaTac Airport code? Why make me second guess if I spelled S-E-A correctly? Why make me stumble upon the answer?

It feels like years have passed since I tried to do what I thought was a simple task of checking in. The Wolverine claws are itching to come out!