How Not to do Email Verification

I get this email:

“Please take a moment to visit your My Verizon account and verify your email address. This helps secure your account, ensuring only authorized users have access. Simply visit toverify your email address. It only takes a moment and helps secure your account and streamline your communication!”

Sounds great! I click on the link. This is what I get. “What can we help you with today?” How about a giant link saying: “Verify your email”?

Then, in order to view my TV plans, I have to have a pin. Since I don’t have one, Verizon will send me a temporary one to my phone.

I get a phone call. Automated service does not work. “If this is correct, press 1.” I press 1. “Sorry, we don’t recognize your input. Goodbye.” Noooooooooo!

I go back, repeat the whole process over. “Your request to receive your PIN via a phone call has been noted. You will be called shortly with your PIN.”

I’m still waiting.